What’s the Difference Game answers and cheats to all levels of the game for iOS and Android. Need help beating a level of Whats the Difference? This game is the latest mobile puzzle app by developer Candywriter. It was released for iOS on March 18, 2014 for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Candywriter has also made other popular trivia games like “What’s the Pic?”, “Pop Guess” and “Pics & Pieces”. What’s the Difference Game is free to play and a ton of fun, especially if you like hidden object games. There are definitely some tricky levels  – if you get stuck, come here to find all the What’s the Difference Game answers and cheats. We’re always adding new tips and hints to help players complete the game!

Whats the Difference Game Answers All Levels:

whats the difference level 1-10
whats the difference level 11-20
whats the difference level 21-30
whats the difference level 31-40
whats the difference level 41-50
whats the difference level 51-60
whats the difference level 61-70
In What’s the Difference Game, you have to find the 5 differences between two images that at first appear identical. Each level has an entirely new photo and set of differences! You only have a set amount of time to find every difference. Tap your screen once you find the difference, but be careful not to make guesses or two many wrong taps. Incorrect guesses will take away from the time that you have remaining. If you make several incorrect guesses in a row, you’ll definitely run out of time. If you fail a level, the game will restart you several levels back, so try to remember the differences for previous levels just in case that happens.

Whats the Difference – Multiple Versions of Each Level!

And if you think you’ll just fail a level to try again — don’t! Each level has multiple versions so you might think you remember all the differences but they’ll have changed! Here’s an example with level 158, a picture of Miley Cyrus!

At the top is the original image and the three images below are three different versions of Whats the Difference!

miley-diff-original miley-three


The photos in What’s the Difference Game can be anything from popular celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Snoop Dogg to sports stars and common household objects like pennies and nickels. The differences are usually involve objects that are missing, slightly different in color or a little larger or smaller. The hardest levels in this game usually have a ton of objects and patterns and hard to find differences. For example, some of the hardest levels feature a field of flowers or a  crowd of people. One of the most difficult levels was a picture of a pile of just pennies and nickels. Sometimes it gets very challenging to spot that 5th difference!

What’s the Difference Game is free to download, but you can make in-game purchases to help you get to the next levels more easily. These cash purchases include buying more time, buying hints that will reveal one of the differences, zapping time to give you a little longer to guess and a skip level in case there’s a level you just cannot get past. When you first start the game and get past a few levels, the game will also give you a few of these hint items as freebies. You probably won’t need them though since we have What’s the Difference Game answers and cheats to every level right here!